About our Bridal Blogger

Welcome to the Party Space wedding blog! My name is Liz Deeny and I am excited to take you on my engagement adventures and also hear about yours! Before I even started dreaming about my wedding, I was writing. I started creating interesting characters and storylines in elementary school. I would write and illustrate books about my family, animals, and crazy adventures that I hoped would happen to me someday. My dad would laminate and bind the books, which were always given out as Christmas gifts. In junior high school, I began volunteering for the newspaper; in high school, I wrote my own email fashion magazine; and enrolling in “Professional Writing” at Kutztown University in PA was a no brainer. Writing has been a hobby, a friend, and a career. Breakups were made easier because of my journal entries; contests were won with my essays; and tears of happiness were cried with my emotional notes in cards. Today, I still write in a journal, still send paper cards, but am also a blogger. I love the ease and comfort of jotting down my thoughts and fears. Somehow writing to all of you makes life just a little bit easier. My personal blog can be found at https://elizjade.wordpress.com/ which I started in fall of 2010 when I took a new job as a Grant Writer for an amazing nonprofit, The Educational Alliance, in New York City.


about the fiance.

While I was writing for that newspaper in junior high, I met a boy. Or actually, I spotted a boy sitting behind me in social studies that was unbelievably cute. We never talked, except maybe when I had to pass papers behind me, but by summer, I was excited to find out he was on the same baseball team as my younger brother. I spent that summer watching every game, or maybe every pitch this boy threw. I still had not had a full conversation with him and was getting increasingly nervous to do so. At the team’s championship dinner, I took a picture of all the guys, which came out extremely blurry due to my shaking hands. In high school, I finally told a few of my friends about my crush who tried hard to hook us up on a date; I even past him a note in the hallway. Nothing ever worked until AOL instant messaging. One night I received a message, saying “hey wanna talk?” I still have that conversation printed out. Troutdg25 and Elizjade became friends and I hoped Jared and Liz would become even more someday. We had a million late night convos over the course of the next three years. We snuck out to meet in the park across from my house (even being told to leave by the cops once). We went to the mall. He tried to hit home runs for me on my birthday. We KISSED! But still, we weren’t really anything. He was still my crush, except now he was playing with my heart. Eventually, he told me (online) that he had liked hanging out but I wasn’t “good girlfriend material.” I was crushed. And mad. I stopped going to baseball games, or at least when my best friend’s boyfriend was not pitching. I started dating other guys and every time those relationships ended, Jared would instant message me again. It was a confusing time, but I don’t regret it. Hearts pounding, emotions racing; high school is confusing. By the time we graduated in the pouring rain, I still looked for him in crowds, I still asked him to sign my year book, and I still checked his marital status in his profile. But, that year, I found a guy who truly made me see I was always good girlfriend material. God took him away from me, but taught me about true love and life. I kept in touch with Jared randomly on AOL and texts over the next few years, even seeing him at local bars on college breaks, but when MySpace hit the web, I was surprised to find his profile and that his marital status read single. I was not, but soon realized, that I should be. I was having dreams of Jared and always wondering if I would run into him. Our online convos felt like high school all over again, except this time, we weren’t 17. We met at a restaurant in December 2006 and even though his shoes weren’t the cutest, he still was. We said goodbye in the rain as we ran to our cars and I wondered if this would be like every other time. However, his messages and texts were more consistent and he invited me to a party, where, gasp, his friends would be. We started kissing again, but this time, full-fledged dates accompanied those kisses. We became “official” when he left in May to play independent baseball in Indiana. It was a loooong summer, but I lived alone for the first time, and had the time of my life. I became independent and lived life for me. In September 2007, he started slowly moving into my apartment and life was blissful. We started looking at rings the next year and he proposed on a random Tuesday, 11-10-09, after I walked in from work. We are waiting to get married on 9-10-11 because, like our relationship, some things are worth waiting for. This blog will not only follow our engagement, but also engage other girls into conversation about dealing with everything wedding-related, from dresses to decisions to drama! Happy reading




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